Travelling without insurance, good or bad idea?

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The date of your departure on a trip is approaching, your reservations are closed and your suitcases are ready. Now, to leave in complete serenity, you probably ask yourself the question:
Is it a good idea to travel without insurance?

Having an accident, losing your luggage, getting sick or being repatriated, on a trip anything can happen! Travel insurance and its guarantees are intended to protect the traveler at the time of departure and throughout his journey. It provides coverage tailored to the length of the stay as well as the destination and protects the traveler when needed. Above all, travel insurance allows you to enjoy your holiday in peace.

 Why buy travel insurance?

If I cancel my trip…

Broken leg, awaiting a remedial exam, the death of a close family member or even economic dismissal… all these unforeseen events can cause you to cancel your trip at the last minute. And, without travel cancellation insurance, you will have to pay part or even all of your stay. To avoid this and to deal with this kind of situation, you can take out cancellation insurance before you leave.

Why travel insurance

In general, cancellation insurance reimburses the costs incurred for your trip, net of the amount already reimbursed by the organizer of the trip (airline, travel booking site, travel agency …) and sometimes a deductible.

Pourquoi assurance voyage

Cancellation insurance is often inexpensive (the amount is a small percentage of the price of your trip). Don’t hesitate to sign up, especially if the price of your trip is high.

If I lose my luggage or it is stolen…
Some unexpected events may also take place during your trip. Fortunately, this doesn’t happen every day, but, for example, the airline can lose your luggage at the airport… So remember to cover your personal belongings so you don’t have to regret it and have to buy back your belongings at the real expense.

Namely, compensation for theft or loss of luggage may be capped by your insurance. Find out about the cap and check the coverage before you buy your travel insurance. It is important to note that not all guarantees are the same according to the contracts.

If I get sick or have a minor accident…
A cold or the flu? You won’t die from it, but it can ruin your trip, especially if the situation gets worse. This is also the case for small accidents that can take place once there. When self-medication is no longer enough, you have to bring yourself to see a doctor and get your hands on the wallet to treat yourself properly. Between the doctor’s visit and the switch to the pharmacy, the bill can quickly rise.

If you are traveling in Europe and you have the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), it is possible – but not systematic – to get a refund. Please note that this refund will be in line with the Social Security reimbursement schedule in your home country.

Accident trip

Outside the European Union, it is also possible that all care will remain your set. Without insurance, expect to pay out of pocket for all your care. Indeed, medicine in the world has disparate costs
Here are some examples of the rates of a GP consultation around the world:

Accident voyage


$100 to $150 in the U.S.
between 80 and 100 Australian dollars in Australia
5,000 yen (about 38 euros) in Japan
The cost of consultation of this type is still limited and will not ruin you, but can be covered by good travel insurance. This will allow you to spend your travel budget on items other than your medical expenses!

If I have a serious illness or accident and need to be hospitalized and/or repatriated…
If you need to be hospitalized, travel insurance will cover you and prevent you from ruining your medical expenses. You should know that even in countries with a lower standard of living than your home country (such as Southeast Asia), access to quality care can be very expensive. You will often pay a higher rate than in Europe! In North American countries, the bill can skyrocket, especially if you need to have surgery or stay in the hospital for several days. In the United States, a simple ankle sprain can cost you thousands of dollars!

Here are some examples of rates for emergency room visits or several days of hospitalization in different countries:


  • Canada : Accident de ski sur le Mont Tremblant 5 500 €
  • Thaïlande : Morsure de singe à Kho Phi Phi Ley 200 €
  • Nouvelle-Zélande : Hospitalisation suite à un accident à Auckland 9 200 €
  • Indonésie : 6 jours d’hospitalisation à Jakarta pour suspicion de dengue 2 000 €
  • Australie : Accident de moto à Perth avec multiples fractures 130 000 €

Budget assurance voyage

As far as repatriation insurance is concerned, you are guaranteed to be brought back to your country of origin if needed. Without travel insurance, you or your loved ones will have to take care of your repatriation for whatever reason: accident, illness or death. In the event of medical repatriation, fares can quickly soar: an economy class flight has taken overnight or repatriation in a medical plane can cost you up to 30,000 euros!

If I cause damage and I incur my civil liability “privacy”

When you take out travel insurance, it is mainly for the coverage of medical expenses abroad. An important guarantee is often forgotten: “privacy” civil liability. It is the one that covers you if you create bodily and/or material harm to others involuntarily. In many cases, you may be liable for civil liability, such as:

You are in Canada by bike, there are people on the road and you unintentionally bump into another cyclist. He falls with his phone in his hand; gets hurt and his phone breaks.
You cause property and personal damage: your civil liability is incurred and you have to reimburse him for expenses, that’s when your “privacy” liability insurance comes into play.

My credit card as travel insurance?

Many travelers think their credit card covers them abroad regardless of the country or situation they face. Please note that you should check the terms of your contract. If like many people you don’t want to read the small lines, call your bank directly.

If you bought your trip with a credit card, travel insurance may be automatically included. However, in most cases this “free” travel insurance is much less effective than travel insurance offered by specialists and guarantees are often limited (read more about your credit card travel insurance).

Before taking out travel insurance, we advise you to check out the coverage set out in the insurance you have already taken out voluntarily or automatically, whether it is your bank’s or whatever. This will help you avoid duplicates and adjust your travel insurance to suit your needs.

Traveling with insurance
sometimes it’s mandatory!

Assurance voyage obligatoire

In Europe and beyond its borders, some countries require, among other things, valid travel insurance for the visa application, as well as a valid passport to obtain the right of entry into their territory. If you are going to Cuba, China, Algeria or Russia, take precautions as travel insurance is mandatory.

For students going abroad, the host country may also require travel insurance. For people who go abroad under the Working Holiday Program, travel insurance is generally mandatory, for example, PVT Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Mexico…

Traveling without insurance: “At your own risk”

Some of the adventures encountered during your trip can cost you (very) expensive, of course, we cross our fingers so that nothing happens to you but do you ever know … In case of unforeseen events, travel insurance gives you the chance not to go into debt. So, of course, it represents an investment in your travel budget but it can also represent a real source of savings and a non-negligible service.

When it is not mandatory, you are free not to take out travel insurance, however, we strongly advise you. If you travel without insurance, as the phrase says, it’s “at your peril”!

For travelers who wish to benefit from the advantageous guarantees of their travel insurance without inflating the rating of their holiday,
we’ve thought of you!

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